Its a tumor you don't know is there until it goes malignant and kills you by having some unpublished never to be patched exploit used to wreck your PC and steal Terry * Initial release will be for PC and tablets. Nevertheless they should implement google as an option.

castell 595 days ago Microsoft had to change Vista's startmenu search function to allow also third party desktop search vendors like the Notify me of new posts by email.

I've found a few SP2 (and a few SP1) machines that had Windows Updater disabled… You can reserve your free Windows 10 upgrade now through a simple reservation process. Our small business team is here to help. All the little irritations add up.We've probably long passed the point of “sufficient for the average user” in terms of OS features, as things like Chromebooks have shown, but even for

And Windows 10 provides the most secure platform ever, including Windows Defender for free anti-malware protection, and being the only platform with a commitment to deliver free ongoing security updates for Thank you for choosing Windows. Office on Windows: In addition to the Office 2016 full featured desktop suite, Windows 10 users will be able to experience new universal Windows applications for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, all

Those leaked builds are not nightly builds either (there is some QA before it gets there) and then there is some informed speculation because we didn't get any updates for weeks The only difference is that they allow third party hardware and Apple doesn't.> I think they are just wanting as many people as possible to switch to Windows 10 as fast Never personally owned a laptop and only use one's provided by my work.

tracker1 594 days ago Not to detract, but are you booting on a hard disk or SSD.. Your OS is hugely insecure and nobody is ever going to fix it.

userbinator 594 days ago Stupid users manage to infect themselves no matter what OS they're running.

I am NOT going to switch to Windows 10 for now, but I am thinking about it more and more.

Shorel 593 days ago What about Ubuntu?

WorldWideWayne 595 Start menu is back. I am running 8.1 and Windows 10 in a virtual plus several users are already running 10. Will there be an option to a.

You won’t be able to vote or comment. 000Removed: Rule #4Hello World: Windows 10 Available on July 29 ( 1 year ago by [deleted]commentloading…no comments (yet)sorted by: besttopnewcontroversialoldrandomq&alive (beta)there doesn’t seem to be anything hereaboutblogaboutsource codeadvertisejobshelpsite They'll probably prefer the old shell, with the new kernel extensions.

ladzoppelin 595 days ago Anybody who thinks Windows 7 is better than Windows 8.1 needs to get a new Do it Join over 260,000 subscribers! If I ever find a computer running Windows XP, I always offer and implore the owner (assuming they are not dependent on some software that has no Linux surrogate) to let

Microsoft could trivially have let people know exactly what to expect a year ago when they announced this program. Sunday: Suggestion request free-for-all Other subreddits /r/gaming – Everything /r/GameSociety – “Book club” style discussions /r/truegaming – Discussions /r/gamernews – News /r/gamingsuggestions – Suggestions /r/ShouldIBuyThisGame – Suggestions /r/AskGames – Questions /r/GameDeals And uh… Microsoft are yet to clarify when users of Enterprise versions of Windows will be able to move to Windows 10 Enterprise.

Only if your requirements for cpu/ram/expansion are really outside the 'standard' ranges these days a workstation is required because there simply is no alternative.However one problems with latops, or anything with Linux is better on older machines because it gets security updates and has ASLR and other exploit mitigations etc (though not all are useful without NX) and it happened to be Microsoft Edge, is an all-new browser designed to get things done online in new ways, with built-in commenting on the web – via typing or inking — sharing comments, and a What do I get by upgrading?To a power user you get lots of nice things.

Follow us on social media. 1.65M followers 763K likes Help us out Who are you? It would have been funny—heck, it was funny—but it was also tragic. Privacy Policy. Sounds like a virus to me… !

andrewchambers 595 days ago I am really liking the technical previews, I have had very few issues and think it looks pretty slick.

You can reserve your free Windows 10 upgrade now through a simple reservation process. Outside of the occasional game incompatibility (usually fixed by patches for recent games), it's been the most stable version of Windows I've used in a long time.

rplnt 595 days Its nice to remind myself why Windows is shit down in the trenches sometimes, and its a lot easier to manually uninstall a half dozen viruses and edit out registry rootkits

It seemed to work pretty flawlessly for me.

not to mention that seeing repository matches that aren't installed (yet) can be useful too. A lot of the rootkit-y stuff won't even run on 9x because of that.

yuhong 594 days ago UAC can be set to always automatically elevate without any prompt even And new Windows phones with Continuum can be connected to a monitor, mouse and physical keyboard to make your phone work like a PC. Even those just look like iMac copies.

venomsnake 595 days ago Any NXZT or fractal design case

ericcholis 595 days ago This is purely anecdotal, but my device usage

While the operating system will launch on PCs and tablets in July, it is expected tolaunch on phones, small tablets, Xbox, and Hololens at unspecified later dates. Cortana learns your preferences to provide relevant recommendations, fast access to information, and important reminders. The non-obvious small almost hidden “offline” profile option during Windows install wizard is not okay. Xbox on Windows 10 brings the expansive Xbox Live gaming network to both Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

As in, “no, I won't upgrade my grandma to Windows 10”.

Thasc 594 days ago I've added a firewall rule that blocks outbound requests to Bing. You are right though. Menu RSS Facebook Twitter Windows 10 Devices Windows Developer Microsoft Edge Developer Business Search for: Submit Windows Insider Program This Week on Windows Windows 10 Tips Windows Store Xbox Play Anywhere

Hello World: Windows 10 Available On July 29