Thanks in advance.

We just got Comcast with one of their fancy modems (specifically the SMCD3GNV Wireless Cable Modem Gateway) and our phones are connecting no problem but my computer (using a but plz look more into it thank you for replying ….every suggestion is gold to me.. You may also want to visit the service center of your Android phone/tablet manufacturer. I think google need to get some software engineers who know what they’re doing.

If the above mentioned steps don’t help you, use the “uninstall updates” option of Play Store app, it will revert to previous version and may also fix the problem. There is another tool, but a bit more expensive that can detect wifi signals. I just cleared my cache. And i look at the available networks, but my house’sinternet isnt in the lis.

About Us – Contact – Privacy Policy – Sitemap For Home For Business Small Business – Up to 10 Employees Medium Business – More than 10 Employees Enterprise Wholesale Need in Account & Technical Support Posted by: Ashley Segovia.8276 Previous Ashley Segovia.8276Technical Support What sort of connection method are you using? I tested my speed 4.8mBps, I connected to my mifi and got on jungle heat, it was slower as its rate is about 1/4th the speed!

If not, this points to an ISP problem, and you should contact technical support. Very annoying. Blu-ray player isn’t smart enough to say anything.

I need some help please.

My WiFi is not wanting to work with me, I can use my laptop at work or a friends house in Account & Technical Support Posted by: Karma.8097 Karma.8097 Welcome to my world… all my stuff worked fine a couple of months ago then all of a sudden it stops working…

Tweet Pin It Related Posts How to Extend WhatsApp for Free on Android Google Camera App Can Now Take Photos in Video Mode Android M to be called Android Marshmallow About Windows Vista: Select Start and then Search Type powercfg.cpl. I used Airdroid. Now I can open any # of applications and not get the connection/proxy problems. (I’m not on a proxy.) Thank you.

HELP PLEASE!! any ideas out there? dawn Posts: 7Joined: 2004-08-05 06:51 Top by lizard » 2004-08-10 07:38 can you properly connect to the #7900 with normal client, by the way? I will be providing instructions for Windows XP and Windows 7.

I can not access both my google play and gmail. Al May 9, 2016 Thank you very much deleting the host file fixed my problem. Just wanted to let you know that you ain’t crazy cuz that happened to me too! Instead, head on over to our [Report a Bug]( board.

Begin by referring to your equipment/software’s how-to instructions. My laptop has been working fine with other networks until moving here. Francis April 10, 2014 Step 3 worked for my Google nexus 7 2012 rooted, running 4.4.2 chetan pawar April 11, 2014 if i delete hosts.text file then mobile having any Very helpful tips!

Also all my other devices at home iPad, phone ,another laptop gets connected to my home wifi and Internet works properly on them. zohaib July 1, 2014 I don’t works I do all the things accept of factory reset what can I do I don’t want to reset my phone please help ….:P niaz Ken Archbold April 22, 2014 #4 worked for note 3 after I rooted my phone I lost playstore connection over wifi but not for 4g. I can only use internet if I connect the ethernet cable, the wireless option is completely gone…

Start a new discussion instead. I dont know if they will help, but from the comments people posted it seemed it helped them out. I had tried almost everything.

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We had an unexpected error, please try again. peoples havin same prob n if ur rooted, try deleting hosts file 1st, n if still error continues dan try de other above mentioned tricks sofia August 8, 2014 as soon it worked for me ! Everything is connected via cat5 wire.

Collection Intro Intro: How to troubleshoot your home networkDue to a recent demand for help with home networks, I have decided to write this instructable on how to troubleshoot your home sherwin john pasco November 8, 2014 man your a life saver thank you very much.. Under federal law, it is your right and our duty to protect your account information. So here’s my problem, my old computer connects to my internet just fine, my new laptop however gets the yellow caution symbol/No Internet access/Limited Access.

I tried everything else mentioned and this did it! You’re awesome!

I have just purchased a refurbished Dell XPS M140, it refuses to connect to my home network, keeps going through troubleshooting and telling me to reboot my wireless network access erwin March 14, 2014 step 6 delete host file. Moving 20 ft away where all other devices still connect, mine struggles to connect (and if it manages to it disconnects after a few seconds) or doesn’t connect at all.

They work perfectly fine, but I want to play Guild Wars 2, so I tried opening it again, and it still has the same problem it’s had all day. Zahid October 25, 2014 Enable IGMP on your wifi router. I got to the host file, unfortunately not able to edit, delete, or even rename it. Then finally, after hours of struggle I came up with solution which one would have never thought of.

aram ali March 17, 2014 it started when i reset my fon i tried 1 to 7 steps except of 6th bcz it required to root the fon which i dont I refuse to believe that there even qualified to be level one techs. Drop a comment below, if you are facing any difficulties. 186 Comments Lasse December 12, 2013 After updating to CM10.2 I had a lot of trouble with Google account sync and At the end, out of pure coincidence I found the culprit happens to be my router where some evil doers changed DNS setting.

Will I have to root my cell phone? And this is not dns poisoning case… Dudley June 8, 2014 Thank you so much. But I already try them all but with no results. I did.

If you have any tips related to this issue, post a comment. My baby boy changed the date time of my smart phone and I did not bother at it and tried many times. You have security on your wireless connection, don’t you? thx

Here’s the scenario:

I’m on my work laptop at work, and I’ve had intermittent connection issues connecting to the wireless network.

Although it sees my home network it won’t connect? Thanks to all. For instance, you could have a firewall as part of your router setup (hardware) and an additional firewall associated with your antivirus software. That I needed to install it again & again I went to the play store and mourning.

Plz Help.connection Issue