dsl-x.x.x-syslinux.iso C. by Bob__B / November 18, 2005 10:19 PM PST In reply to: Question Regarding DSL Security I use w98.When I test protection progs one of the things I look for is For example, the equipment used for 192 Kbps SDSL is the same equipment used for 1.1 Mbps SDSL. Business DSL plans include an unlimited number of e-mail accounts ([email protected] or [email protected]).

Back to top Will my VPN work with the DSL service? Often, ISDN is subject to additional per-minute fees. The Help link offers no help about this. How can I have a VNC server start automatically at boot? over here

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When You call SYIX.COM you will have your call answered by a real person. Symmetrical DSL provides a fixed connection speed for both downstream and upstream data. Want to look at just one web page? I’ve Found Dawillies’ Post w/ Link for Kerio 2.15…

Can I link to thinkbroadband? Availability is continuously expanding. Yes. No.

Some customers use a modem connection to their ISP from both their business and from their home. Dsl Engineer Interview Questions Above, read the question “What File Do I Download?”, then: Download dsl-embedded. Additionally, installation of a T-1 line is generally far more expensive than installation and setup of DSL services. pop over to these guys If a customer would like to install a third party router they may do so, but this is not supported.

This means that you don’t have to share your local access connection with other users. The only speed limit with DSL is the speed of the Internet and all the different computers attached to it. Since this wiring is already in place in most homes and offices, millions of users can switch to DSL service without the need to run new wires to your location. It is important to note that the speeds listed can vary by +/- 20% depending on the line quality of the copper loop to the end-user’s location.

Dsl Engineer Interview Questions

If you are looking to cancel your landline telephone and get Internet only, or you want more speed than DSL can provide, WISPER could be your solution.Cable – It can be Yes. Adsl Technical Support Interview Questions And Answers LCT-Corp.DSL will provide the DSL modem as part of the monthly service and is property of Louisiana Competitive Telecommunications (“LCT”). What Is Dsl Flag Permalink This was helpful (0) Collapse – A Ha !!

The monitor refresh rate is too low – can I make it not flicker? Since Rocky’s arrival t… <> See blog archive here GET SOCIAL GET IN TOUCH Click to email us here P.O. The distances are measured in cable length, not as the crow flies. Make sure you back them up!

Simply click a desktop icon and you’re online. In most cases, ADSL will not interfere with your phone calls and vice-versa. If you plan on hosting a server we recommend a static IP address package with ample upload speed for your server applications. Does DSL require a special Internet browser?

Normal installation takes approximately 7 days for completion. You will experience high-speed access from home as though you were sitting at your desk in the office. Reliability: The copper-based telephone network over which DSL operates is one of the most reliable infrastructures in the world.

You can find tutorials and instructional guides on this website, and you can speak to a local technician over the phone or in person 6 days a week.

SYIX.COM DSL has been providing Internet Access as a Primary business since 1995 – It’s what we do! What is the distance limit for DSL service? If needed, additional security options are available. Information travels upstream when sending e-mail messages, hosting a web server, providing video streaming, or holding a video conference.

Will LCT-Corp.DSL bill me before the line is installed? DSL allows customers to use their existing phone line for voice or fax communications while they use the DSL service for Internet access or data communication services. NO Can I buy my own equipment and install it myself? Fast Access – DSL allows you to access the Internet up to 35 times faster than a 28.8k dial-up modem.

by tobeach / November 20, 2005 1:10 PM PST In reply to: Question Regarding DSL Security Click on link below and then on link in post to get download of Kerio I don’t use any software that costs money and have had no problems. Having a static IP enables you to be able to host a server or setup VPN’s or remotely administer your computer. How do I share my connection?

Why is my result not appearing on LCT-Corp.DSL schedules a time with the telephone company to test and install your outside wiring. The forum isn’t working for me! 5 Using DSL 5.1 Adding/Installing Programs to DSL 5.2 How can I be root in X? 5.3 How do I prevent the getting_started.html file from Just open your browser and look.

ADSL works by splitting the phone line into two frequency ranges. Some packages are not designed to handle streaming video.Do I need a phone line?No. If your board supports booting from a CD-ROM, but does not work for you, try . All speeds will not be available to all customers based on the quality and length of local phone lines from the Central Office.

With this information your /opt/ file should have the following entries. Will I have to change my e-mail address? Cable networks differ from DSL networks in their basic structure. About this page Frequently Asked Questions is a central location more advanced users can use to answer questions that get frequently asked.

You will not have to worry about how long your modem or computer is in use or turned on. Most local phone companies focus only on ADSL service for residential users. SYIX.COM sells the DSL bridge or router you need to get connected to DSL. The 2.6.x kernel drops a lot of support for legacy technologies, hardware, etc, and we want to keep DSL functional on as much hardware as possible All major improvements that have

What are the benefits? Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you have any additional questions. What is an Engineer Assisted Install? I registered, activated my account and am logged in, but am not permitted to open a new topic, nor post a reply to an existing topic, nor send a message to

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